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Meet Anna Kloots, NYT Best Selling Author and Photographer

Introduce yourself! 

My name is Anna Kloots. I'm an American writer and photographer living in Paris.

Anna Kloots author NYT

Anna wears the Lara Bow Jumpsuit

As a world traveler who's been to 83 countries and has had countless unique travel experiences, what made you decide to settle in Paris? 

It's the city I've always felt the most inspired by and am truly captivated with every corner of. From the first trip I ever took here at 18, I instantly felt it was supposed to be a part of my story, so at 30 when I suddenly got divorced and needed to start my life over - I decided it was time to go for my dream.

What was the most rewarding part about publishing your book Live Your Life?

I wanted to be a published writer my whole life, so walking into the book store and seeing it on the shelf is still an incredible feeling!

But the most rewarding part is when people write to me and my sisters and say the book has helped them in any way. Sharing that particular story was very difficult. It was deeply personal of course, and so fresh that we sobbed every day while working on it. But we also grew, and healed as we wrote. The fact that it helped other people who are dealing with grief realize they are not alone in their feelings, and that there are silver linings to be found is incredibly rewarding.

Live your Life by Amanda Kloots

Live Your Life is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble

What can we expect to read from your memoir coming out in 2023?

Candid honesty! The things I'm writing about are hard, again: losing myself, my marriage failing, self-doubt, starting over, dealing with grief. When you are writing about yourself, you can't try to skip over the bad or ugly parts to make yourself look perfect or like a victim. You have to tell it like it is (or was). In doing that I’m proud that the book is very real and relatable, and I think filled with the perfect mix of humor, heartbreak, and hope.

You’re not afraid to try new experiences and put yourself out there. What are some things you do to invest in/ empower yourself?

I indulge every passion and curiosity I have. I fell in love with French food, and started to learn how to cook it. I love classic ballet, so I signed up for lessons. If I hear about an exhibit that I know nothing about in Paris - I go and learn. I try to do as much for myself that I can, everyday, that I know brings me joy.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

I've taken a few trips recently, and had truly forgotten how inspiring it is to see a new place, hear a different language, taste different food, and totally immerse in a different culture. That is my favorite feeling in the world and extremely inspiring to me.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

The classic, feminine designs and silhouettes! I love dressing up everyday, I got that from my mom. She'll wear a dress with a matching bag and heels just to go to the dentist.

Anna Kloots NYT  best selling Author
How do you like your Mestiza pieces?! Any details on how it fits or makes you feel?

I instantly feel glamorous when I slip them on! The fit is perfectly flattering.

What’s the best advice you could give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Don't try to emulate or copy anyone else's format, style, or approach - you need to find your own way. I think the key to success is being unapologetically YOU and staying true to yourself. When you have true passion inside and pursue it, that shines through. 

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