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Meet Elyce Arons, Co-Founder and CEO of Frances Valentine

Introduce yourself! 

Hi. I am Elyce Arons, Co-Founder and CEO of Frances Valentine.

 Elyce Arons founder of Frances Valenetine

Elyce wears the Kate Robe in Black Midnight Garden

In 2016, you and your best friend since college, Kate Spade, set out to create Frances Valentine as an ode to love, heritage, and deep connection. How do you continue Kate’s legacy today at Frances Valentine?

Katy and I had a passion for vintage shopping when we were in college and beyond.  We shared a love for mixing the old with the new and creating a cool, individual style that was unique. At Frances Valentine, we set out to create a modern lifestyle brand with a joyful perspective.  Pieces that have heart, soul and a story to tell and that make you smile every time you open your wardrobe.  Katy is still an inspiration to me and always will be. She had such a great eye for color and was an amazing editor. Her enduring style will forever touch this brand.

Elyce Arons and Kate Spade

Elyce Arons and Kate Spade, Founders of Frances Valentine

Similarly to Mestiza, Frances Valentine creates vintage-inspired, legendary styles that spark joy in customer's closet. From which unlikely places do you draw inspiration from?

I don’t know how unlikely they are, but mostly it is the people we see every day, how they are layering and creating their own individual look, people from the past- style icons from the 60’s and 70’s, my flower garden in July, works of art, vintage shops and pockets of the United States where they have a particular ingrained style.

Your style is cheerful and polished! How has your style evolved over the years?

I think we all evolve. I was pretty trendy in high school trying to copy the newest trends and overtime as a young adult grew to love classic styles that transcend trends. I tend to be drawn to uniquely American legendary style, wild prints and saturated colors.

Best style advice that you live by:


 Elyce Arons, Co-Founder and CEO of Frances Valentine

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Do you have any exciting projects at Frances Valentine coming up that you can cue us in on?

We are in the middle of our first resort collection which is selling out (yay!), we are launching our made in the USA denim pieces in January and are excited to launch our spring 1 collection in February.

You’re a mom of three! How do you balance being a mom and running your business both so successfully?

I think busy moms are used to multi-tasking. That old saying of “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” That is never more true than for working mothers. My husband shares all home responsibilities with me as well so I can’t take full credit, he is a true partner in our marriage.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

I love the flowy feeling when wearing these pieces.  They are feminine and comfortable at the same time. Much like Frances Valentine, they feel classic and modern.

 Elyce Arons, Co-Founder and CEO of Frances Valentine

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
Sexy and joyful! I am wearing black here, which I rarely do- it is fun to try something different.

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