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Meet Naomie Olindo, Southern Charm Cast Member & TV Personality

Introduce yourself! 

Hi! So nice to meet you! I’m Naomie. Originally from Nice, France and moved to Charleston, SC with my parents when I was 9. I have been in love with Charleston ever since and attended grade school through graduate school here. I love the low-country, being outside, traveling, spending time with friends and family and helping animals. 

Naomie Olindo, Southern Charm Cast Member

Naomie wears the Eden Midi Dress

Where did the inspiration to start your boutique, L’abeye, come from? 

My cousin got married in a small French village and the welcome party was in the most beautiful abbey with a cherry orchard. I felt so inspired there. In French, an abbey is spelled “une abbaye”-I loved the way it sounded but wanted a new, made up word (hello, Trademark) so I mixed it with the word “une abeille” which means a bee. I went with my gut and didn’t overthink the name- just knew I needed something original and liked that it sounded French like my roots! If I hadn’t just picked a named and gone with it, I would probably still be in my room agonizing over what the perfect name would be. Sometimes you just need to get started and roll with it.

How do you select which brands to feature in your boutique? Would you say there is a certain style that you tend to gravitate toward?

We are constantly searching for new brands, go back to brands that are tried and true, and look at markets or through random line sheets. I’m gravitating towards my current personal style as it’s changing now that I’m getting a bit older. In my 30’s I’ll be leaning into the coastal and chic grandmother aesthetic- it feels effortless and comfortable and classic.

What is your favorite part about filming Southern Charm?

I had so much fun filming this time around, it’s hard to pinpoint just one! I think one of my favorite parts is bonding with the crew and cast. And sometimes we get to do cool stuff- this season we got to stay in the most beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright property named Auldbrass. It took my breath away and was definitely not something I could have done sans the show. 

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You exited Southern Charm at the end of the sixth season and are rejoining this new season that is about to air. What are some of the best takeaways that you have from your time spent off the show?

Leaving was the best decision for me at that time. And coming back was also the best decision for me, at that time. An important takeaway from coming back after a couple years off is how fleeting it all is- this type of “fame” if you can even call it that. Keep your morals and your integrity because things like the show come and go, but your character is forever.

What can we expect from season 8?!

It was the wildest season. Really. I have no idea how they’re going to be able to fit it all in that amount of episodes. Lots of drama, breakups, make-ups, surprises- you name it. 

Naomie Olindo fashion style Southern Charm Cast Member
Tell us more about the process of writing Blueprint to Breakup! What do you hope those going through breakups learn from this “blueprint”?

It’s so funny because writing the Blueprint was our therapy! I don’t think I have looked at it since- but at the time putting what I was doing down on paper and having all these girls with similar situation reach out created the most amazing community. We leave the PDF up on the website for free for anyone to access in a time of crisis. It helped Helen and me so much and the process of writing it helped us even more.

You have publicly highlighted the importance of “no contact” after a breakup. What is your advice to anyone struggling to maintain “no contact”?

Prioritizing no contact and setting a boundary for yourself is the ultimate self care after a breakup. If someone can’t give you space to think, clear your head, and process things- that should tell you everything you need to know. I know it’s hard because you often will miss that person and crave the comfort of reaching out or talking to them. But just remember you broke up for a reason and dragging something out for temporary relief will only cause more long term pain.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand? 

I originally found it from my discover page on Instagram and FELL IN LOVE. Everything is just so beautiful and elegant, I love the way to clothes drape and fall when they’re worn. It’s such a timeless brand and I can’t wait to share it with my friends.

Naomie Olindo of Southern Charm fashion
How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel? 

I feel so elegant and am so proud that this is a woman-owned brand that takes initiatives like the partnerships with HABI: The Philippine Textile Council, and gifting excess inventory to high-schoolers that deserve to feel beautiful. It’s so easy for brands to take the easy route and follow fast fashion (I am guilty of this!) So I am always super impressed when a brand takes a slow fashion approach- limiting quantities and ensuring the highest quality ever. I hope to keep this dress forever and have it as a piece to pass on to my future daughter!

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