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Meet Fallon and Ava King, Founders of Fallon & Ava

Fallon & Ava wear the Winslet Skirt in green/ivory and Teresa Skirt in ivory

Walk us through your decision to launch Fallon & Ava!

We both graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Fallon majored in fashion design and Ava in advertising and marketing communications. Fallon worked in the fashion industry as a designer for luxury apparel brands and Ava has worked in event planning companies. Motivated by our unbreakable sisterly bond and our complementary areas of expertise, it became evident that we were meant to create something together. Growing up our mother loved to dress us in turtlenecks. We continued to wear them so much they became our signature attire, thus earning us the reputation of the turtleneck sisters. We decided to come together to create an apparel brand designed to be the destination for the perfect turtleneck. A turtleneck is a timeless staple that almost every woman loves no matter their age or sense of style. When investing in wardrobe essentials, women need trust, and who better to trust than a brand who specializes and is known for that one item? For almost every classic wardrobe staple, there's a go-to destination for it. Why wasn't there one for turtlenecks? Fallon & Ava is the first and only brand that specializes in the turtleneck itself. We believe an impeccably made and well-fitted turtleneck can make any woman feel confident and powerful. Our mission as a brand is to serve as a platform for women to not only embrace timeless style but also to embrace their inner power, allowing them to navigate the world with unwavering confidence and poise. When you wear a Fallon & Ava turtleneck you join a community of women who support and uplift one another.

We met at Modatrova’s event in the Hamptons last summer and instantly fell in love with The Sleeveless Bow Turtleneck that features a feminine tied bow at the back neck! What inspired this design?

We wanted something to be signature to Fallon & Ava. The Bow is a functional yet elegant touch that creates a lasting impression. When we set out to create the perfect turtleneck, women’s common issues when it came to wearing turtlenecks was at the forefront of our minds. One thing we heard quite often was that the neck of turtlenecks are too restrictive so we came up with the idea to add a grosgrain ribbon that ties in the back making the neck adjustable for comfort while being both functional and stylish We have a design patent on the bow which is really special to us. We actually have the patent design drawing framed as art in our apartment.

Similarly to Mestiza, you value empowering women, fostering a human connection, and giving back to your community. Can you walk us through a time when you felt your designs impacted someone’s confidence or style journey?

There is no better feeling for us than when we hear from a customer that she wore our turtleneck for a monumental event where she knew she needed to look and feel her best. We’ve had a woman tell us she wore our turtleneck for her headshot for her job, another wore it for her feature in WWD, another said it’s her go-to piece for a first date, and a customer whose husband was nominated for an Oscar wore hers to a pre-Oscars party. We even had someone tell us she never wears turtlenecks because they can be too restricting, but she tried ours and now she says she literally wears it every single day. In general, starting this business, we feel, has had the power to bring women together. Although starting a business can have a lot of ups and downs, we wouldn’t have had the unique opportunities to meet and connect with other remarkable women if it weren’t for having this brand. We’ve hosted many in person events such as pop ups, women in business events, panels, and networking dinners and those have all been the best part of this journey. Most recently we hosted the Fallon & Ava Icons Dinner where we gathered a group of women founders, CEOs, presidents, etc. to celebrate Women’s History Month and we’re still feeling the energy and empowerment from that evening. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing the business is making an impact on individuals and creating connections and friendships.

Snapshot of Fallon & Ava from the Icons Dinner, follow along on instagram @fallonandava

Share some of your best beauty/fashion tips for representing the best version of yourself, inside and out:

Ava: Fashion Tip - Finding a style that suits your personality and not following the trends. They are hot for a minute and it’s really fun but if it is not authentic to you it won’t work. I have tried so many different styles but once I found the brands that I admired and the style icons I was inspired by, I started to create my core wardrobe and it just felt like me.

Beauty Tip - The best beauty tip I have is to take care of yourself… eat healthy, sleep, drink water, exercise and have a really good skincare routine.. And a PMA - positive mental attitude.

Fallon: Fashion tip: Create a vision board of people who emulate the style you are inspired by. It’s important for me to have a visual starting point. Creating a capsule wardrobe is also a great way to hone in on your personal style. I’m starting to only purchase items I know can be styled back to multiple things in my closet.

Beauty Tip: I wholeheartedly agree with Ava on her beauty tip. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do to feel beautiful inside and out. More specifically, recently, I’ve discovered that adding raspberries and sweet potatoes to my diet has improved the glow of my skin!

How do you live stylishly in other aspects of your life?

Ava: Living stylishly extends beyond just fashion for me; it's about infusing elegance and creativity into various facets of my life. From the way I decorate my living space to reflect my personality and taste, to the attention I give to presentation in everything from cooking meals to arranging flowers, I believe in surrounding myself with beauty and refinement. Additionally, I prioritize cultivating meaningful experiences, whether it's through exploring art and culture, enjoying fine dining experiences, or seeking out unique travel destinations. Ultimately, living stylishly for me means embracing creativity, attention to detail, and a commitment to finding beauty in everyday life.

Fallon: I’ve always considered myself an aesthete. I enjoy cultivating an aesthetic in all aspects of my life. Fashion, art, music, fragrance, jewelry, interiors, and travel are some of my favorite things that bring joy to my life. I am the happiest when all of my senses are stimulated. If I could describe a perfect scenario it would be wearing my black turtleneck, my grandmother’s vintage gold jewelry and my Victoria Beckham perfume and in a setting with a beautiful atmosphere, good lighting, and a playlist that sets the mood.

Fallon, you are also working as a senior designer at Sachin & Babi and an embroidery designer for Carolina Herrera. What have you learned about crafting a high-quality garment from these luxury brands?

I owe so much to my time working for Sachin & Babi and Carolina Herrera. It has taught me the importance of fit and the amount of time and fitting after fitting that goes into creating that perfect fit. It has also taught me the importance of choosing the right raw materials, especially with knitwear. It’s all about the yarns.

Ava, you also work as a luxury wedding and event planner. How has this experience set you up for success in creating Fallon & Ava?

I have always loved to host and bring people together so being a wedding and event planner came so naturally to me. At Fallon & Ava, we host multiple events whether that is a trunk show, pop up, intimate dinners, and even our photoshoots which I count as an event because you plan for it months in advance. With my experience I know how to create one of a kind events and how to create an inviting guest experience when choosing the decor, theme, and adding the little details that make an event special. We always say we want to welcome customers how we welcome guests into our home and that really stems from my love of hosting others. I’m also really organized and that always helps with any business.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

Ava: I love to support other female entrepreneurs. Louisa and Alessandra create pieces that women actually want to wear and can feel good in. I was first introduced to the brand at a Modatrova Event in the Hamptons and I was instantly drawn to the bright colors and beautiful patterns. Everything about the brand is so inviting and happy!

Fallon: On instagram and in person, Mestiza immediately catches your eye! With so much content and so many brands out there, Mestiza truly stands out in the best way. I especially love how tasteful and unique the prints are. Every time I see a Mestiza photo on instagram it makes me want to wear every dress on a vacation getaway!

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
Ava: I feel feminine, classy and confident!

Fallon: The white Teresa Mini Skirt makes me feel like me with an extra boost of confidence. I always love a gold accent. It’s a classic yet special piece that I can make my own and style in so many different ways. A mini skirt also never fails to make me feel feminine and flirty.

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