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The Sunday Scroll: Blue and White

At Mestiza we are always thrilled by the blue and white color combination. Scroll along with us this Sunday and check out our new blue and white designs next to retro photographs that inspire us. We hope you enjoy!
Unknown. 1970s Model.  Mestiza. Vivienne Mini Dress. 2024.
Christian Dior Gown. 1973.  Mestiza. Liezel Gown. 2024. 
Brigitte Bardot. 1958.  Mestiza. Luzon Gown. 2024. 
Christian Dior Model. 1968. Mestiza. Carmen Mini. 2024.
Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch. 1955. Mestiza. Francesca Gown. 2024. 
Unknown. Balmain Model. 1968.  Mestiza. Mira Mini Dress. 2024.

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