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Meet Jen Sumko, Founder of Jen Sumko Vint

Meet Jen Sumko, the Founder of Jen Sumko Vint

Introduce yourself!

Hi my name is Jen Sumko with Jen Sumko Vint….the Vint stands for vintage...because I love all things with history and antique.  I am passionate about a heavy dose of vintage in home, fashion, and accessories.  I have a background in photography and marketing so entering the world of design and scheming artisan handmade floral earrings proved organic and natural.  I love to mix patterns, and create stories of whimsy through designing spaces in homes… own and others.  Recently I have launched small batch earring collections both curated and designed with artisans abroad.  I believe in celebrating the unique, and consider myself an accidental botanist of sorts with my jewelry collections.  I am a mother, curator, and collector striving for artful living along the way.  

Jen Sumko, Founder of Jen Sumko Vint

Jen Sumko wears the Helena Maxi Dress in Red/White Palm Toile!

What characteristics (cultural, personality etc) make you unique?
I don’t know if this is unique….but I am artful, thoughtful, stubborn, not afraid of color or pattern, and willing to search high and low for just the right statement piece.  I love to source, curate and collect.  

I am passionate about mixing old with new, mixing patterns, pops of color,  and adding flair to any wardrobe with bold statement earrings.  

What motivated you to start your own venture, Jen Sumko Vint?

A deep love of finding unique finishings and a deep passion for textiles and wallpaper.   I love to create spaces  that transport others, and tell a story.  I am passionate about transforming a house into a home with color, pattern, and unique antique furnishings.  I believe a space should always tell a story about the inhabitants and their history.  

A snapshot from Jen Sumko's Instagram @jensumkovint

How do you make each project/home special for different clients? How do you create spaces that bring joy?

By helping clients add warmth to their home adding textiles, and wall coverings. 

Where do you draw inspiration from for your handcrafted earrings?

I love nature, and gardens.  One of my earliest memories of childhood/creating is compiling a large scrapbook of cut out magazine pages filled with beautiful florals and gardens.  I have always been most happy in nature and surrounded by florals.  It was natural for me to create this jewelry line.   

What is the most rewarding aspect about what you do?

Creating…..every single day!  And…...People.  I love people….meeting them, working with them, and creating with and for them.  

How do you interpret “invest in yourself?” and what are the types of things you do to invest in/ empower yourself?

I am a huge advocate for faith (in any shape or form), meditation, exercise, and just quiet time to connect with my inner soul.  Being real and authentic starts at the beginning of each day. 

Jen Sumko fashion style


Why is it important to you to empower women?

Empowering women is something I feel extremely passionate about.  Life is about gathering women and lifting others up.  There is room at the table for all.  Women have incredible potential to go and do and be.  It is easy for women to get stuck in a cycle of just surviving or comparing.  As women when we create and gather we thrive.  Power lies within getting outside of comfort zones and truly just “doing”.  Being genuine and kind is central to progression.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

So many things.  It is incredibly inspiring as I learn about the women behind this brand.  Not only the American dream of creating beautiful clothing, but empowering other women.  Women are empowered when they feel beautiful and comfortable in what they are wearing.  You are all an incredible inspiration.  

How did you like your Mestiza piece?! Any details on how it fit or made you feel?
Absolutely LOVE this dress.  It is flattering, comfortable, the color is stunning.  I really love everything about it.  Especially how it flows.  
Please share an inspirational tip to someone looking to follow your footsteps.

Small and simple steps every day.  Be you, be authentic, dare to dream, and don’t give up. 

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