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Meet Lauren Bush Lauren, Founder & CEO of FEED Projects

Meet Lauren Bush Lauren, Founder & CEO of FEED Projects 

Lauren Bush Lauren, Founder & CEO of FEED Projects
You have had such an incredible career. FEED has donated over 100 million meals to children in need! What do you attribute to your success? 

FEED has been a brand centered around doing good for the world, specifically feeding children in school from day one.  I attribute most of our success to our mission and purpose and of course thanks to our amazing community of customers and partners who helped us to give over 100 Million meals and counting.

What or who inspires your personal style?

I am inspired by women in my life who are effortlessly stylish in how they dress and how they show in their world authentically themselves- comfortable and confident.

From modeling to designing, fashion plays a big role in your life. Why is fashion important to you?

Fashion is such a practical, useful art form. We all make choices everyday about how to get dressed and present ourselves in the world.  I have really enjoyed being involved in various aspects of the fashion industry over the past two decades from modeling to designing and more.  

What draws you to the Mestiza brand? How does your Mestiza piece make you feel?

I loved Mestiza’s Giovanna Midi Dress because it is summer chic in such a fun color and I love the ruffle detail which makes it a bit more festive and dressy.  The brand overall feels refined and girly in a really fun way!  I also love that it is a woman run and owned brand.

Lauren Bush Lauren, Founder & CEO of FEED Projects

Lauren wears the Giovanna Midi Dress

For all the other working mothers out there, please give us vacation tips or fun activities you like to do with your family! 
Most days I feel that I could honestly use tips more than be able to give tips, but one key to my current sanity is to not overschedule or overcommit on weekends so even if the week is jam packed with work and school commitments- we can all catch our breath and just be together on the weekends.  It is tempting to ‘make the most’ of weekends with sports activities and friend hangs, but the best weekends are those when we are active and social but also able to just linger at a local playground or do a fun art project at our leisure.   

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