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Beth Beattie and Danielle Norcoss, Sister Blogger Duo

 Beth Beattie and Danielle Norcoss in Mestiza
This week we'd like to introduce you to Beth and Danielle. The sister duo behind the blog Palm Beach Lately

Why did you start blogging? 

In 2012 we started Palm Beach Lately as a fresh place to share our favorite fashion, home and travel finds. We have really stayed true to that vision over the years as we have refined our style and collaborated on a variety of design projects across fashion, home and travel. 


 Beth Beattie and Danielle Norcoss personal style

What has it been like watching your blog grow over the years? What was your first big milestone? 

It's been very exciting and rewarding to watch the fruits of our labor grow! We have had lots of mini milestones along the way, but some of our favorites include collaborating with brands like Serena & Lily, Vineyard Vines and The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. 

What has been the best part about working as sisters? 

We already spend so much time together and compliment one another well, so working together is a natural fit. We encourage families to work together, always remembering to love, respect and value each other.


 Beth Beattie and Danielle Norcoss in Palm Beach

Danielle is wearing the Stephanie Bow, and Beth is wearing the Puff Puff Midi. 

What inspires your style? 

The beautiful scenery around us inspires us. Our favorite places are the beach and the garden, so our style is a blend of these two places. We are also inspired by being wives and moms and love feminine, classic styles.·


Palm Beach Lately

   Who are your style icons? 

There are so many talented, creative people and brands that inspire us like Mestiza, Amanda Lindroth, Julia Berholzheimer, Minnow Swim, India Amory, Born on Fifth and Nicola Bathie McLaughlin to name a few.

    How did you discover Mestiza? 

Beth of Palm Beach Lately and Louisa of Mestiza were introduced through their husbands who went to college together. Beth was visiting New York when Louisa was launching Mestiza and one of Beth's favorite photos is of her walking a cobblestone street in New York City when she was pregnant and wearing Mestiza's newly launched tassel dress. 


Palm Beach Lately style

  What draws you to Mestiza? 

We love Mestiza's feminine styles, luxurious fabrics and floral designs.


What are your favorite Mestiza pieces? 

It's hard to pick just one - we love all of the dresses with bows, ruffles and tassels!



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