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Meet Meg Mason, Founder of Meg Mason Creative

Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Meg Mason! I’m the founder of a newly launched Creative Services business, Meg Mason Creative, while also running my own Lifestyle & Fashion Blog. My husband and I live in Central Illinois, where we are raising our daughter, Millie (3), in the same small town we grew up in.

Meg Mason, Founder of Meg Mason Creative

Meg wears the Valeria Mini Dress

You recently launched your own creative services business, Meg Mason Creative! What types of services do you offer?

Yes, Meg Mason Creative just officially launched and I am so excited! We offer a variety of services for bloggers, influencers and female-owned small businesses. These include SEO-focused blog writing, email marketing, Amazon Associate and LTK management, content creation (product collages, free download PDFs, etc.), website refresh projects (new themes, color customizations, updated pages, such as a new “about” page, etc.) and consulting. I fully understand how scary it can be to outsource your business and find someone you can trust. I hope to provide exceptional trust and confidence to my clients through my firsthand experiences in the industry. In return, I’m able to help take some of the work off of their hands because it’s impossible for brands to “juggle it all” alone!

How did you get involved working with other bloggers and brands, and what part of the journey are you most looking forward to?

I started blogging in 2019 after leaving a 10 year teaching career to stay at home with our daughter. I was so blessed to connect with other bloggers and creatives with similar styles and lifestyles early in 2020, which is also around the time I started partnering with brands. At the time, I owned a small online clothing boutique, so I was working with influencers for our boutique while also juggling my own partnerships as an influencer/blogger. Working on both sides of the business, as both a small brand and a lifestyle blogger, allowed me to make connections with many wonderfully talented bloggers and brands. In return, it feels natural to work with these women in another capacity now through Meg Mason Creative!

Honestly, I’m excited for every part of the journey! I adore working with new clients, helping them bring a project to life and seeing their joy after a project is successfully completed. What I love about this new journey is that every day and every client is different. It has been a true honor to work with and learn from some of the most talented women in the industry and I look forward to continuing to connect with others!

You also run your own Lifestyle and Fashion blog. What has been your favorite part of creating your own blog? Which topics are your favorite to write about?

I’ve always loved writing and fashion. From a young age, these have been passions of mine and I even started a school-wide fashion magazine in middle school! I love the creative outlet that blogging has provided, allowing me to share everything from my favorite outfits to lifestyle tips for other mothers. My favorite content to create are typically fashion-based posts, but motherhood content comes in as a close second. I have had the opportunity to connect with so many other moms through my blog and Instagram, whether it be about their children also having a dairy intolerance, a mom looking for toddler sleep advice or even someone reaching out asking for details about Millie’s outfit. These connections have been such a gift.

Yet, as much as I love writing and creating content on my blog and Instagram, my favorite part by far has been the genuine relationships I’ve made on those spaces. I’ve had the opportunity to make lifelong friends and meet up with other exceptionally talented content creators, things I never imagined would happen as a small-town Illinois girl. These relationships have absolutely been my favorite part of blogging!

Meg Mason, Founder of Meg Mason Creative

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What are some of the lessons, as an entrepreneur, that you are hoping to pass down to your daughter?

Most importantly, you can achieve anything you set your mind to and it’s never too late to start. Listen to your gut, pursue your true passions, but do so with a well thought-out plan. And never forget that no matter what you do, most important of all, cherish and prioritize the relationships you make with others above anything else. Support and encourage other women, there’s room for everyone. Stay true to yourself, chase big dreams, be honest and kind and work hard.

How would you describe your style, and how has it evolved through the years?

I would describe my style as being classic, preppy and fun. I love classic fashion, but also enjoy adding some fun with bright colors and feminine details. The older I get, the more I tend to favor timeless, high-quality pieces that will last for years to come.

What is your top piece of advice for someone looking to get into the space of being a virtual assistant and creative consulting?

I think my top piece of advice would be to gain firsthand experience in the industry you’re looking to assist and consult in and also to always be upfront and honest with your clients.

You are a jack of many trades and previously co-owned your own clothing boutique! How have you incorporated lessons from that experience to consulting other female-owned businesses?

I have found my experience as the co-founder of a clothing boutique and also my current experiences in blogging and influencing to be invaluable in my Creative Services business. As CEO of the clothing boutique, I was in charge of designing our website, running the SEO, all email marketing, Instagram marketing and influencer relations. Through these tasks, I learned about the importance of SEO, how to create effective marketing emails, the ins and outs of influencer marketing, etc. I absolutely love helping and teaching other female-owned businesses how to take their business to the next level through all of these services.

Who are some of your female role models and why?

My mom will always be my biggest role model. She has been a loving, hardworking and supportive mother my entire life and I hope to be the same for my own daughter.

In the fashion and blogging industry, some of my role models include Ashley Brooke, McKenzie Fussell and Julia Berolzheimer. Ashley was one of my first follows and continues to be a favorite. She runs her blog with grace and honesty, favors a slow-lifestyle and everything she creates is beautiful. McKenzie is another creator I’ve followed for years and I had the honor of spending time with her in person a few months ago! Not only does she run a beautiful lifestyle blog, but she also has a successful paper good subscription businesses while being a mom to two. And I absolutely admire the brand that Julia has created. She has impeccable style, designs wonderful collaborations with brands and it’s evident she knows how to run a successful business.

Meg Mason, Founder of Meg Mason Creative
What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

Immediately, I was drawn to the beautiful pieces designed at Mestiza. Every item is elegant, timeless and iconic and worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. Upon learning more about the brand, I grew to love Mestiza more and more. With the dangers of fast-fashion in our current world, I absolutely value slow-fashion brands and Mestiza goes above and beyond to make sure every piece they create goes to good use. As a former teacher, the fact that Mestiza gifts excess inventory to high school seniors really wins over my heart.

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
I was instantly drawn to the Valeria Mini Dress due to its beautiful fall colors. The short style and puff sleeves are fun and playful, just my style! Putting it on instantly made me feel happy and confident. It would be the perfect dress to wear to a fall wedding or date night!

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