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Meet Onyi Moss, UK-based Film Director and Singer-Songwriter

Introduce yourself!

My name is Onyi Moss and I’m a film director and singer-songwriter based in Manchester, UK.

Onyi Moss, UK-based artist

Onyi wears the Azulejo Gown

As a singer-songwriter and film director, you have lots of ground in the media space! How did you come about your passion for digital creativity?

I stumbled across my passion for digital creativity by chance which came about after failing to secure a job as an accountant once I qualified. My period of unemployment saw me binge watch a host of reality tv shows with no real value to add to my life or so I thought, until I stumbled upon one titled ‘Fashion Bloggers’.

The show focused on a group of women who were self taught photographers whose work went on to be published by the likes of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

I had always wanted to learn photography but thought I needed formal training for it. And after seeing these women achieve what they did by teaching themselves, I decided to take a chance on myself and ordered a camera using my rent money. And the rest is history.

Your style and personal brand are beautifully timeless and romantic! How has your style evolved throughout your life?

For a long time I went with the trend mostly because I was preoccupied with my studies, work and life in general to really think about my sense of style. It wasn’t until I started my blog in 2014 that made me want to explore my style. It was a lot of trial and error wearing tees and denim and random style trends that eventually led to the discovery of what is now deemed my timeless and romantic style.

I found that I was more comfortable in frocks and frills. I love statement pieces that embody drama. I suppose it’s the storyteller in me. If I can see myself wearing a piece a thousand times over, then it’s a timeless keeper for me.

Your film series, Black Women Are Soft Too, calls attention to the construed portrayal of black women in the media, often leaving out their qualities of softness. What has been the best part of producing this series and highlighting the softness of such inspiring women?

The best part of producing the series was being able to connect with other black women alike who constantly embrace their soft side as they lead their lives. It was a wonderful thing to behold. It made me feel seen and it made a statement that it was ok to allow one’s self to rest in softness.

Onyi Moss, UK-based artist

Watch 'Black Women Are Soft Too' on YouTube and follow along on Instagram @mossonyi

Do you have a word of advice for other women looking to enter the media space?

My advice would be just crack on with it using whatever tools (no matter how little) you have at your disposal. The more you make the most of what you have, the more you’re likely to succeed when you eventually have access to everything you require.

What is your staple timeless accessory?

That would be a pearl bracelet.

Where do you draw inspiration from when songwriting?

When it comes to my songwriting, I draw inspiration from personal life experiences. As an introvert, I’m often prone to spending a lot of time alone which allows me to sit with my thoughts. And sometimes I happen to weave those thoughts into a song that has meaning for me.

Your film series and Instagram reels are shot beautifully and are highly stylistic! Which film directors do you admire and aspire to emulate?

Well thank you.

It’s clear to see that my work is inspired by Wes Anderson. But I also like Jeymes Samuel who directed ‘The Harder They Fall’. Someone who isn’t a director but whom I love in the industry is Shonda Rhimes as she has a talent for introducing diverse and interesting characters in her films. This is something I aspire to do with my films.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

The emphasis on femininity with the styles and the drama that often accompanies it is what draws me to Mestiza.

Onyi Moss, UK-based artist
How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
It makes me feel like the lead character in my life’s story as I embody the romance of life and the drama that often comes with it.

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