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Meet Renae Olivia, Fashion & Beauty Influencer

Introduce yourself! 

My name is Renae and I'm a happily married 51-year old social media influencer with 2 young boys, ages 3 and 8. I'm proud to say I started a whole new brand and business at midlife, and it feels great. I only recently started to share my beauty and fashion secrets and it is now a full-time passion for me. My goal is to show women that it's never too late to go after what you want and to share some tips and tricks of how to feel and look confident and comfortable in your own skin, no matter your age.

Fashion influencer Renae Olivia

Renae wears the Mira Mini Dress

When did you first become interested in fashion and beauty? Is there anything specific that you're inspired by in the fashion/beauty world?

I started becoming interested in fashion in middle school, but I never could afford the trendy fun styles that most girls were wearing. I would get ideas from TV and magazines and jus try and re-create a look in a more affordable way. Right now, I am excited about all things summer. Cutouts are fun, bright color combos like pink and green together is a showstopper for me and I'm all about the monochromatic look with a pop of one bright color to really stand out in a crowd. 

Who are your favorite female role models and why?

Jennifer Lopez because she is not only breaking boundaries of how a 50+ woman should look like, but she is also such a hard worker. Paulina Porizkova because she is unapologetically growing older with grace and acceptance. Love them both for different reasons because in my mind I do try and look and feel my best, but I also know that getting older can be something people shame you for and it is upsetting and unacceptable. Growing older is not shameful, it is a privilege. Let us not forget that part. These 20 or 30 year olds need to remember, they will one day be our age. Youth is not forever, so be kind. 

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As a mom, what lessons are you hoping to pass down yo your kids?

Kindness is key and creating memorable moments with friends and family is the most important part of life. 

Favorite fashion hack:

I have so many :) but my favorite is turning a beautiful scarf into a halter top using a chain necklace. I saw a chain halter top at a high-end store selling for hundreds of dollars and I made mine out of a $20 amazon scarf and a gold chain I have had for years. My DIY top looks amazing if I do say so myself. 

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

We have quite a few family trips planned over the summer and spending time with my family without worrying about work and deadlines is special to me. 

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

Mestiza is really feminine and elegant, and the entire aesthetic really resonates with my personal style. I feel like I should be flying off to an exotic location when I see the beautiful colors, textures, and quality. Love everything about this brand. 


Who is Renae Olivia


Tell us how you're styling your Mestiza piece and where you're wearing it!
I will be wearing the GORGEOUS Mira Mini Dress during my girls' trip to Napa Valley next week and I'm super excited about it. I want to style it with my affordable sandals (I'm all about high/low fashion) and a cute straw clutch during one of our dinners out. The color and fabric will fit in perfectly with the beautiful Napa scenery. 


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