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Mestiza's Take On Fall Fashion Week


As a teenager, I was mesmerized by fashion shows. It felt surreal to work my first one as a young professional, out of college. It involved a lot of late nights, greasy pizza, and finally, the thrill of watching the new collection strut down the runway. 

When we started our own line, Mestiza, of course, it was always a fantasy to watch our creations on the runway, but we always anticipated that the fashion landscape was changing.

Traditionally, when designers present their collection at fashion week, the buyers and customers can’t wear or purchase the line without waiting half a year or more. And now, with so many unknowns, it’s been more and more challenging for designers to show their collection to a crowd. Yes, change is in the air, but it’s an exciting time to see what creatives will do to showcase their art to the world. 

Louisa and US Olympian Ryan Lochte at Fashion Week circa 2011

This year, for fashion week, we conceptualized and executed our newest collection, pretty much all virtually... and we are so excited to announce that during fashion week, we are dropping fashion videos and content of our new designs DAILY. And the best part, if you see something you love, you can buy it and wear it, right away. No wait time. A non-traditional, virtual, new way of shopping straight from your phones!
We can't wait to show you all we have in store. After seeing the final product, I got chills of excitement and pride, knowing all the teamwork and brain power it took to make our concepts a beautiful reality. 
Stay tuned as we drop new styles starting 9/13/21!

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