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Celebrate Mother's Day with Amy & Debra Littleson

Mestiza style icon Amy Littleson is known for her feminine and polished style, which she got from her fabulous mom, Debra! Continue reading to discover how Amy and her mom celebrate family heirlooms, women, and style with Mestiza this Mother's Day. 

What’s your most coveted heirloom piece passed down from your mother? Why is this important to you?

My dad gave my mom a bezel diamond necklace when I was born, and then they had it put on a shorter chain (to update it a bit!) and gave it to me when I graduated high school! It's so classic and I still wear it nearly every day. 

What’s one piece of style advice you’ve learned from your mom?

She's always told me, "Dress for the occasion, don't worry what other people are wearing to the event." In other words, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed! 

Amy wears the Elliana Barong Mini Dress in ivory

What’s one piece of style advice you’ve learned from your daughter?

"Keep all of your favorite, special pieces because one day she'll want to borrow them!" 

Debra wears the Citrine Convertible Gown

Why is it important to you to celebrate women? 

Because women have the toughest jobs in the world-- as daughters, moms, wives, so much is expected of us and it's important to lift each other up and celebrate ALL that we do. If we don't do that for each other then no one else will! 

What draws you to the Mestiza brand for styling a mother/daughter look?

The Mestiza styles are so one-of-a-kind and special: like so many mother/daughter relationships. They're classic, fun, and multi-generational and can make you feel fabulous at age 30 or 60! 

Debra wears the Payton Mini Dress and Amy wears the Dominique Flower Top and Victoria Convertible Skirt

Can you tell us about a favorite Mother’s day memory?
For nearly every Mother's Day growing up, we drove to our beach house on Long Beach Island, NJ to have breakfast at our favorite diner and then my mom would plant our window boxes for the summer. She always goes with pink ivy geraniums for them and they make such a colorful statement on our house. The tradition lives on and we're planning on doing that this week!! 
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