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Habi x Mestiza Collection 2019

Part of Mestiza New York’s brand identity is our social mission with the Habi Philippine Textile council, a partnership that honors the co-founders’ Filipina heritage and supports female textile weavers in the Philippines.

The Habi Foundation is a female-led organization that helps preserve indigenous textile traditions. Each season, we incorporate Habi hand-woven fabrics into unique, beautiful, and authentic pieces for our collection. In addition, each Habi x Mestiza piece helps sustain the Philippine cotton farming industry, provides steady paychecks for the Habi weavers, and upholds the centuries-old craft for a new generation to admire.

The female weavers gather under open-air huts and weave one thread at a time: a centuries old technique! Although there are inconsistencies in the fabric, they make the material even more beautiful and unique.



Two of the most iconic Filipino styles are the Barong Tagalog and the traditional Terno sleeve. The Barong is a beautiful handwoven, hand-embroidered garment worn only in the Philippines for formal occasions. It is the Official Filipino National attire for men, originating during the Spanish era when Filipinos were forced to wear see-through clothing to deter them from hiding anything under their clothing. Through the years, the garment has become a staple of Filipino culture and wardrobe that it is now worn by all the Philippine presidents.

The Barong comes in varied natural fabrics such as Jusi (banana fiber), Piña (pineapple fiber), and Abaca. It can be worn long or short-sleeved with various collars, colors, embroideries, appliqués and can even be hand-painted. These fabrics are so beautiful and light that even women have taken to creating and wearing female variations as well!



The traditional Terno sleeve can be found on anything from jackets, to gowns, to blouses. This silhouette can be seen on everyone from actresses, socialites, and brides alike. Both of these styles are wildly inspirational to Mestiza New York as a brand and can be found in many of our past collections.

This Summer we are launching an exclusive Habi x Mestiza La Herminia top to pay homage to the beautiful Filipina women that inspired our brand. Not only is the top inspired by the Barong, but it also features a modern take on the traditional Terno sleeve. The La Herminia top is fitted with princess seams, an exposed gold-metallic zipper, and puffed sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulder! There are two variations of the top with one including front panel embroidery, and both designs can be styled for the perfect summer statement piece!

This particular Mestiza top consists of a Piña-jusi blend fabric and is hand woven in Kalibo, Aklan by the La Herminia Piña Weaving Industry. Made of a type of silk, this fabric is more opaque and softer to the touch. The Piña-jusi blend has small stripes, and can be interwoven with other colors to bring out a particular design, as shown in the black and white pattern on this piece.

When wearing one of these limited-edition La Herminia tops, you are wearing something that helps women, preserves a centuries-old tradition and is uniquely yours for you to enjoy! Shop now exclusively on while supplies last.

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