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Sarah Falugo, English Travel Photographer

This week's Wedding Wednesday features Sarah Falugo and her photography! 
Tell us a little bit about yourself: 
"I'm 40 now, and feel like I'm only just starting to know who I am as an artist-it takes time. I have been a professional photographer for 12 years, photographing events and travel stories all over the world! I'm still a fan of the timeless and classic reportage style which can transport you into a place of reverie. I'm from Cornwall, England, but have been living in the US for nearly 5 years!"
  Sarah Falugo, English Travel Photographer
How did you get into photography? 
"Mainly through a love for travel and photojournalism. I backpacked for months at a time when I was in my early 20's, and developed a love for simple story-telling techniques which carry over now into my wedding work."
What was your favorite shoot location? Why is it meaningful? 
"I always love to shoot Palm Springs and Los Angeles mid-century locations. I'm very inspired by Slim Aarons. But I also adore photographing in Italy- it never fails to deliver the timeless romance I adore so much!" 
Where do you draw inspiration? 
"Classic photojournalism and street photography from the Magnum Photographers and looking at the fashion industry around me. I love old Hollywood interpretations of celebrity. I love the grit of street photography from artists such as Vivien Maier! I also adore Annie Leibowitz's use of color and drama in her portraiture." 
How would you describe your aesthetic? 
"Photojournalism meets old Hollywood."
Any tips/tricks to achieve a professional and creative look for new photographers? 
"There are the obvious prerequisites of training such as acquiring professional equipment and experience. Beyond that, I highly recommend finding out what makes you tick and really wakes you up! Use that inspiration to build a consistent "signature" which will be a thread running through your personal brand and style. This signature can take time to develop and will be ever-evolving! Regardless of what or who you photograph, there should be something that connects all your work together so your clients understand what you're about. It will be an anchor you can always come back to! I'm preparing some teaching and mentoring materials. Follow @sarahfalugoweddings for more information or email me at!"
Have you had many brides postpone or cancel their weddings?
"Many have been forced to postpone and few have canceled- there really are no winners in this situation. Some clients kept their dates and downsized their plans drastically. But I'm seeing a resurgence in intimate backyard events which have so much of a personal touch and it's really quite beautiful!" 
Any advice to other business owners and vendors on how to cope? 
"As much as possible in the events industry, we just need to roll with it and adapt our practices. At first, the pandemic was a real shock to all of us and the struggle between staying afloat and accomodating our clients is no easy thing. As professionals, we need to continue to innovate new ways of doing business for the future." 
What draws you to the Mestiza brand? 
"So many great looks for the welcome events at weddings or for guests. I love the Azulejo Gown!" 
What's next for you?! What are you working on? 
"I'm putting together some teaching materials. Supporting the next generation of young wedding photographers and helping them find their voice is really rewarding for me. There's so much great talent out there." 
Sarah Falugo English Travel Photographe

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    Susan: July 27, 2020

    Beautiful work and cool lifestyle!

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