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Emily Hertz Bows & Blue

This week we talked to Emily Hertz. A mother of two and founder of the blog Born on Fifth and Bows & Blue, a lifestyle shop that's launching soon. 


Why did you start blogging? Where does the name 'Born on Fifth' come from? 

After a nearly decade-long career at Spanx and the birth of my daughter Elle, I decided to step out on my own and Born on Fifth was, well, born! The name Born on Fifth has a lot of meaning. I was born in New York City on Fifth Avenue (Mount Sinai hospital to be exact) on October Fifth and Elle was born on February Fifth!



What has been the biggest challenge with navigating an online presence? 

Establishing a community and presence on the very crowded interwebs ;) While it took some time to carve an ownable space for myself and my brand, I think I've done well through really sharpening my aesthetic and honing my voice. I've found a strong community IRL through various conferences and now have a host of friends I've made through the blog, which is really rewarding! I've met many of these women in person, and some I have plans to meet post-Covid! 


Emily Hertz blogger Bows and Blue

Emily is wearing the Poco Poof Mini.


Who are your style icons? 

Lauren Santo Domingo can do no wrong. I also am inspired daily by Alice Naylor-Leyland, Aerin Lauder and Tory Burch. 



What inspired the way you decorated your home? Where are your favorite places to shop for home decor? 

I've been collecting inspiration images on Instagram for years! I actually launched @bowsandblue since I had so many images compiled and people loved it when I shared my saves. My interior designer and friend Clary Bosbyshell and I referenced the images loosely, and went with fabrics then felt granny chic (the term Grandmillennial was coined after we moved in, but is totally fitting). While a lot of our pieces are custom, Serena & Lily is a go-to, as is Parc Monceau for antiques. I'm dying to wallpaper a room in Gracie. That's up next.


Emily Hertz wears Mestiza New York


What has been your favorite part about being a mother? 

I love watching Elle grow into her own and seeing her be a big sister to Jennings melts me. It's also an incredible opportunity to get to teach tiny humans right from wrong, and how to be a good person. It feels more important than ever and I don't take it for granted. 



Your daughter’s outfits are so cute! Does she share a similar love of fashion? 

Thank you! Yes, she's definitely interested in fashion and wants to know all about the inner workings of Claris's closet (The Chicest Mouse in Paris). She spends a lot of time reviewing the pages and determining her favorite dress (it changes daily). She also loves the book Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes. Books are big in our house!



What are your favorite Mestiza pieces? 

There are so many! I love all things blue, white and bows, so the Puff Puff Gown and Midi Dress are divine. Puff sleeves are also big in my wardrobe and I love the dress I'm wearing, the Poco Poof Mini. Lately I'm having a green moment and really want the Cleo Ballgown next! 

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  • Author image
    Susan: July 27, 2020

    What a cute baby and lovely mother. Very accomplished and enjoyed reading the blog.

  • Author image
    Susan: July 27, 2020

    What a cute baby and lovely mother. Very accomplished and enjoyed reading the blog.

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