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Meet Brittney Levine, Style and Trend Expert

Introduce yourself! 
Hi beauties!  I’m Brittney Levine - for the past 10 years, I’ve been traveling around the country, contributing to various regional and national TV stations as a Style and Trend Expert, speaking to the hottest must-have fashions, beauty and lifestyle products that you have to have. 
I love helping to launch new businesses and products, and also currently serve as the ambassador for QVC’s home and décor line, Berkshire Blanket.

I also recently had a baby boy named Colt B. and embracing all the incredible transitions that being a mom has brought to my life. 

Brittney Levine, Style and Trend Expert

Brittney Levine wears the Georgiana Gown in Porcelain Blue

Photo Credit: Frances Isaac

What characteristics (cultural, personality etc) make you unique?

I am a major believer in signs – very spiritual like that -- and feel like a Taurus through and through.  Extroverted introvert, strong-willed and bull-headed at times, but very, very loyal.  My husband, son, family and best friends are the most important thing in my life.  At the end of the day, it is not your career, but who’s standing up next to you when you need them the most and always there. 

What led you to become a Style & Trend Expert? What other projects are you involved in? 

My background began in Public Relations – I represented various fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and secured numerous placements for them in print, online and on TV.

My TV career stemmed from that, where I had booked one of my clients onto a regional station and they decided that they didn’t want to travel for the segment. Rather than lose the opportunity and risk my relationship with the producer, I let her know that while my client could no longer do it, I had done segments in the past and could definitely fill in. While I had only done some “modeling” stints for other experts at that point, I knew the information front and backwards. After the first one, I got the itch and started doing more. Our clients were happy and they were able to get much more exposure, as I could write them into my pitches.

Television is not for the faint of heart. I’ve had to have a pretty strong backbone and get told the word, “NO,” practically every day. It’s about how you turn those ‘no’s’ into ‘yes’s’ that sets you a part from the rest. There are still stations that I would love to work with, but know that it’s not my time right now. 

In addition to morning shows, I have been working on QVC for the last five years and currently representing Berkshire Blanket. 


Style expert Brittney Levine


Photo Credit: Frances Isaac

What is inspiring you at the moment?

Decorating our new spaces.  We recently moved into a home and having actual space from living in a one-bedroom NYC apartment is really something.  Before our son arrived, we were really on roll, but he has definitely slowed us down. 

I have been loving decorating each room and have ‘made over’ some furniture pieces that we had in our family – reupholstering some furniture with fabric we love in addition to painting pieces.  They look brand new again.   

What is your proudest career achievement thus far? 

I have a hard time giving myself any credit.  It’s definitely a fault, but I don’t like to speak about myself and my achievements, so this is a hard question for me.  My goal was always to earn a living, doing what I loved to do, so for me, that makes me the most proud. 

Getting to work on the Today Show and Wendy Williams have always been goals of mine.  It took many years of silence and pitches before I even got a response, but I just kept trying to cultivate a relationship.  The energy at these studios is on another level and the producers I work with are so amazing at their jobs.  

Brittney Levine on Wendy Williams Show

A snapshot from Brittney's Instagram, follow along at @brittneyhlevine

Where do you draw styling inspiration from and who is your style icon?
Hands down, my mom. My mom is my best friend and she is responsible for creating this monster haha.  All kidding aside, she always looked beautiful each day growing up – her outfits were always on point and her hair and nails were always done.  She taught me how to navigate bargain stores and gave me the confidence to wear those pieces.  We both love a good high and low outfit.  She also taught me the importance of tailoring, as nothing fit me growing up and she would help make it work.

We both always talk about our wardrobes and looks before any big event, and I always talk to her before any big shows to get her approval. 

Why is it important to you to empower women?

Our relationships are everything.  In television, women can be really competitive, and while there are only a few of those highly coveted spots, I feel that if you truly want to work, there’s room and enough space for all of us.  I feel that it’s more important to make your relationships helping others.  Our industry is really small, so I find that friendships are way more important in the long run. By lifting each other up, we only continue to make greater strides. 

Do you have a phrase or mantra that you live by?

These days, it’s “one thing at a time.”  I am trying to practice patience and allowing myself the time to balance work and my son, as I know these moments are fleeting.  I am a huge list person, so it helps me feel better to go down the list and cross things off.  The order of the list is the problem, as I need to be better at prioritizing the harder things first.  Easier said than done!  

How did you like your Mestiza piece? Any details on how it fit or made you feel?

Mestiza is such an exquisite, gorgeous brand.  Every time I wear a piece on a show, I feel so confident and unique.  In terms of my piece, I’m a huge fan of winter whites – I definitely don’t believe in the fashion rules!  This one made me feel so ethereal and light. 

What’s the best advice you could give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Networking is so, so important.  If you want to really learn from someone, you need to do everything in your power to get to know the in’s and out’s of the industry.  I remember working as an intern for literally $100 a week, arriving early and staying well after everyone left.  While it was hard and I had to have three other jobs to support myself, I learned from some of the best women in the PR and television industry.

Trend expert Brittney Levine
Photo Credit: Frances Isaac

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