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Meet Mariah Strongin, Model, Actress and Health Coach

Introduce yourself! 

Hi, I am Mariah Strongin. I went from competing in junior rodeos with dreams of going pro in Medford, Oregon, to winning IMTA and traveling the world for modeling and acting. I now live in New York. 

Mariah Strongin, Margot Mini Dress

What characteristics (cultural, personality etc) make you unique? 

I was taught at a young age to try to live like a student.  Doing so has helped me become well-rounded while staying grounded.  Growing up as an only child, I learned how to entertain myself and others and I continue to do so.  If I can make those around me smile, I feel good. 

What inspired you to get into the modeling and acting industry? How did your career evolve into becoming a health and nutrition coach as well? 

Even when I was doing rodeos, I always knew I wanted to model.  I’m not sure why, but it was like it was ingrained in me.  Acting was always there too, but it truly hit me as I started taking acting classes during the lockdown.  The more I understand how to connect to myself, the more I love acting.  My love for it and my skills grow daily.  As for nutrition, overall health has always been important to me.  I love getting to share what I have learned and help people find their personal health and nutrition balance.  I got my certification because I was being asked a lot of questions by people on IG and I wanted to answer them accurately.  I felt I owed that to them.  Coaching isn’t my main focus at the moment, I would say I model and act and coach simultaneously, but I have the chance to work with a client, I am there for them 100%. I enjoy cracking the code of their body with them so they can compete at their highest level. 

Mariah Strongin, Margot Mini

Mariah wears the Margot Mini from the Holiday 2021 collection

What was your biggest career learning lesson? 

My biggest learning lesson thus far is probably that if I can believe anything is possible, I can usually make it happen, especially with an awesome team on my side.  

Do you have a specific quote or mantra that you live by? 

I love quotes and post them all the time, such as: “Just because you got here doesn’t mean you are done, keep going.” And a new one I am obsessed with from The Morning Show: "Kids can complain, adults get therapy and change their circumstances."

Why is it important to you to empower women? 

It is important to me because it can be hard to be a woman and, while most of us will say we don’t need empowerment or understanding, we do.  Picture yourself alone, overthinking and unmotivated, and now picture being uplifted by the women around you saying you're not alone, you're good, and you got this.  It makes a difference and we all can make that difference. 

What draws you to the Mestiza brand? How does your Mestiza piece make you feel?

You just step into a personality with each piece. Putting it on you know you are going to have a great day or evening. During my first shoot with Mestiza,  the team was so fun and it felt like we had known each other for years.  

Mariah models the Shimmy Shimmy Tassel Dress for Mestiza's Fall 2018 collection, Metallic Midnight.

What are your favorite ways to style your Mestiza piece? 

I usually wear Mestiza pieces to events — they elevate me visually and internally.  I keep it simple with a classic heel or bootie heel depending on the piece.  I don’t add anything that is too colorful or takes away from the Mestiza piece, but potentially  a simple coat,  jacket, or earring.

Mariah Strongin, Margot Mini

Do you have a favorite style-icon that you look up to? 

I have a Pinterest board for looks. My style ranges, but if I were to say who I want to dress like at all times I would say Ricky Ann Lauren. 

What advice would you give to a young person who is looking to follow in your footsteps? 
Number one is that only you can make it happen and only you can stop yourself.  Number two is to keep that humble place close to your heart and go for it. Number three is to reflect on where you were before, as that place is what drove you here. Lastly, and most importantly, love yourself for who you are and where you are now. 

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